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My most favorite Remine Plugins

One of the things we love about Redmine is the huge flexibility. There`s a an amazing number of plugins for every imaginable use case available as well as themes. And if there`s the unlikely situation that you`re in the need of a special functionality create a plugin by yourself, just as we did with RedmineUpwork.

In this blogpost I’ll recommend a few plugins we use by ourselves.

People Plugin from RedmineCRM


The People Plugin extends the user management of Redmine. It allows you to organize Redmine Users in departments and roles. You can add avatars, manage contact data and even birthdays.

Link: https://www.redminecrm.com/projects/people/pages/1

Agile Plugin


This amazing plugin adds a nice, feature-rich and dynamic agile board as well project planning function to Redmine, for example sprint planning.

Link: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_agile

Toggl Plugin


For tracking my working time on issues and projects I use Toggl (https://toggl.com). I really like the simplicity of the tool. It`s not overloaded with features you`ll never use. The GUI is nice and intuitive. The Toggl Plugin establishes a connection between Toggl and Redmine. The plugin saves your tracked time as a time entry within the issue. To enable that you have to add the issue number to the tracked time

Link: https://github.com/skywriter/toggl

Usability Plugin


The thing we all know about Redmine is that the default GUI is not the most intuitive and beautiful. The Usability plugin adds some nice features like the ability to toggle the sidebar, download all attachments with one click and more.

Link:  http://www.redmine.org/plugins/usability



A simple but useful plugin which allows you to add a checklist to issues. The elements of the checklist can get checked or unchecked without editing the issue.

Link: http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_checklists


RedmineUpwork Financial


We invested and still investing a lot of time and work in our own plugin. RedmineUpwork Financial establishes a connection between the freelancer platform Upwork and Redmine. It imports tracked time from freelancers and adds them as time entries to issues. It also imports the related billed money from Upwork. Apart from the Upwork connection it includes some nice financial functions like adding contracts, revenue, expenses and incomes for easy project budgeting and controlling.

Link: http://redmineupwork.com


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