Monitor Upwork freelancer times and financials directly in Redmine. Keep track of your project goals by defining budgets and adding additional expenses.

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Core Benefits

Why you should use Redmine Upwork


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Connect Redmine with Upwork

Easily assign Upwork contracts to Redmine users to start importing actual key data from Upwork.

Tracked time in Redmine

See the Upwork tracked time as time entries in Redmine. They get either automatically or manually assigned to Redmine tickets. Start with Basic Integration to see the time, go one step further with financial and see the actual billed amount of money for every time entry.



Overview Page

Use the overview to see all time entries imported from Upwork in a certain range of time with Basic Integration. Stay tuned to your financials as well with RedmineUpwork Financials.

Become aware of false estimation

Keep track of the actual working time directly in Redmine tickets. Compare actual and estimated time and decide by ourself if an intervention is nessecary. Use RedmineUpwork Financial to get aware of the financial variance as well.



Project Finances Dashboard

Your project finances in one place with a concrete overview
of Plan / Budget vs. Reality. See which part each freelancer takes in your project or sprint costs. Filter by subprojects or versions or assign issues and expenses to versions by drag and drop. Only with Financials.

Simple Project Budgeting

Budgeting easier than ever with RedmineUpwork Financials. Add expenses, revenues and incomes to your projects or releases. Split the outcome to sprint releases. Plan the costs and compare the planned with the actual costs.



Projects Financial Overview

Get a financial status update for all your projects in one place. Detect irregualrities and take a closer look at those projects. Don`t miss it and get RedmineUpwork Financials.

Monitor the cashflow

Mark time entries as billed and add revenue (e.g. a sale or a bill) and income (an acutal payment) to the project financials. Keep track of the amount of outstanding bills.



Plan working time and costs

Add estimated rate and working hours to issues. Compare your estimation with real expenses and real working hours imported from upwork or by manually adding spent time.

Multicurrency Support

Add expenses, revenues, incomes in different currencies to the project. It`s even possible to configure hourly rates to redmine users in different currencies. Within issues you can add estimated rates and time as well as manual added spend time in different currencies. The entries are getting converted to your (normal) platform currency with the up-to-date exchange rate. To see the original values you just have to switch the view.



Language Support

At the moment we support English and German. You miss your language? Contact us for a implementation request without any costs.

Pricing Overview

We offer our Redmine Upwork Plugin with all our love in these flavors:

Basic Integration
Integrate Upwork in Redmine
Connect Redmine with Upwork
Tracked time in Redmine
Overview with filter functions
Become aware of false estimation
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Control project fincances
Connect Redmine with Upwork
Tracked time in Redmine
Overview with filter functions
Become aware of false estimation
Keep track of actual billed money
Project Finances Dashboard
Simple project budgeting
Projects financial overview
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Case Studies

How using Redmine Upwork helped us

Benefit 1: Saving time is saving money
Don`t distress yourself with manual work and save time.
Our case:
Like most we used Excel for reviewing tracked times, controlling project coasts and calculating budgets before Redmine Upwork.
Let`s assume gathering data from Upwork and Redmine in a spreadsheet takes about 2 hours per developer and month including reviewing the data for eliminating mistakes.
At that moment we employed 10 developers for different projects. Lets assume the costs for one working hour is 20 $.
Putting that data together:
2 Hrs x 10 developers x 20 $ = 400 $ per Month
Start with importing Upwork tracked times in Redmine Issues with Redmine Upwork Basic Integration. Go one step further with controlling and calculating with Redmine Upwork Financial.
Benefit 2: Save money with transparency
One of the most common reasons for high project costs is underestimated time. Detect that early with Redmine Upwork.

Our case:
Underestimating issues is a common problem in different projects. It happens because of different reasons like technical problems, mistakes of the developer or other circumstances.
We had issues with an estimated time of 3 hours which ended up with 30 hours of actual working time.
Assuming coasts of 30 € per hour the additional coasts would be 810 $.

In many cases it`s possible to reduce the costs by discovering those issues early and react in some way.
Redmine Upwork enables you to do that by showing the real working hours (basic integration) as well as real coasts (financial pro) directly within issues.

Benefit 3: Earn money by billing every hour
Redmine Upwork Plugin Pro Financial offers you the ability to set budgets. With this, you can see how you perform in comparison to your plans. You have contracts where you get paid by the hour? Never loose an hour out of sight. Set versions for having full control over costs, spent time and earned money and control everything in one place!